The Hope of a New Year

With the new year at hand it often brings thoughts of a hope for better things. Some people have had a miserable year with lots of trials and difficulties. Others may not have had such a gloomy year but believe it could have been better in some areas. When things begin fresh our human nature tends to hope for great, good, and better than what we have been experiencing right up to the new begins.
The problem with this view is that there is always some doubt if things will really improve even when we find ourselves optimistic. It is difficult enough to predict what will happen tomorrow much less the entirety of the new year. Our mistake is placing and unsure hope in what is new as if that will wash away the cause and effect of events in the last year.
There is something much better to rely on. In the Bible there is a hope which is spoken of that is unlike the hope in that which is new such as a new year. This hope found in scripture does not have an element of insecurity to it in fact the hope in scripture is a hope in the very thing that can be relied upon with all confidence. This hope found in scripture is the hope that relies on the God of all creation. Don’t put your unsure hope in the unreliable things of this corrupt world. Place your hope in the God that created this world and sent His Son to pay the penalty for the sin debt you owed. Place your hope in the future that God has said He will provide. In the new year you may find things are better, but the time span of the year and that time span being new did not life a finger to make it better. God has already promised us a future of things we cannot imagine. Trust in God not a new year.

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